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Starlight Cinemas closely follows COVID-19 protocols as instructed by the State of California and local county officials. This page will be updated with our latest COVID-19 operation requirements as they pertain to movie theaters. We do not have early insider access to new state or county mandates before the information is made available to the public.


Capacity & Social Distancing
All of our theaters are now open at full capacity. The State of California has deemed that it is now safe for movie theaters to open and operate at full capacity, and that social distancing and other additional protective measures are no longer required.

Face Coverings
Masks are no longer required indoors in California.

None of our locations are in cities that currently require guests to show proof of vaccination in order to visit the premises. We will not ask guests to show proof of vaccination or negative COVID-19 tests to attend our theaters. 


Starlight Cinemas has always maintained a clean environment on a normal basis, and we will retain our pre-existing high standards for a safe and pleasant theater experience.

We ask that guests who are experiencing ANY symptoms of illness refrain from attending our theaters. Please help keep our staff and our other guests safe by waiting until you are fully recovered to join us in the moviegoing experience

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We are a CinemaSafe theater.
Read more about the CinemaSafe program by clicking here.

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