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Starlight Cinemas Privacy Policy
Updated 1/6/2020

This privacy policy describes how Starlight Cinemas handles the information provided to us or collected on our website, mobile app, and in the cinema.  In some cases, we may provide additional data privacy notices that are specific to certain programs, such as Starlight Rewards. Those additional terms are to be read in conjunction with this privacy policy.

When information is provided to Starlight Cinemas via a third party site or platform that is not a service provider for Starlight Cinemas, that information is covered by the privacy policy of the third party site or platform.  Any privacy related choices you have made on that site or platform do not apply to our use of the information provided to us by that site or platform. Privacy choices made on a third party site or platform also do not carry over to any information we have collected ourselves from our website, mobile app, or at the cinema.

Our website and mobile app may also contain links to other websites that are not owned or controlled by Starlight Cinemas and we are not responsible for the privacy policies or practices of those websites.

Please read this privacy policy carefully to get a clear understanding of how we collect, use, protect or otherwise handle your Personally Identifiable Information.

The Types of Information We Collect:
Starlight Cinemas collects two types of information:  personal information and anonymous information. Personal information is information that can identify, directly or indirectly, a particular person.  This information includes such things as a name, email address, mailing address, telephone number. Anonymous information is information that does not directly or indirectly identify a particular person. This information is collected in the following ways:

  • Information you provide to us when making a purchase online or via our mobile app, or when registering for Starlight Rewards either online or at the cinema.
  • Information you provide to us when requesting information or assistance, or reporting concerns, either through a form on our website, mobile app, or through one of our service providers.
  • Information about transactions you make on this website, our mobile app, or transactions you have linked to your Starlight Rewards Account.
  • Information we receive from our service providers about your usage of the platforms maintained by those service providers.
  • Activity information about your use of our website or mobile application, including pages or content viewed, the frequency of your visits, any preference information you set on our platforms, and if you open or interact with emails that we send.
  • Technical and device data about the device you utilized to access our website or mobile application, or our service providers platforms.  This information could include device type, browser type, IP address, and a unique device identifier.

How We Collect Your Information:

  • We collect the information you give to us when you purchase products or services through our website or mobile app, when you sign up for Starlight Rewards, when you utilize your Starlight Rewards account as part of a transaction, when you request information or assistance from us on our website, mobile app, a service providers platform, or in person.   We also collect information when you complete surveys we send to you, or participate in our contests, or interact with us on social media.
  • Information is provided to us by third parties you may have utilized as part of obtaining our goods or services, such as third party ticketing websites, or third parties you have used to otherwise interact with us.
    Information is collected on our website and mobile app about your usage of those platforms including what pages you visit or content you view on them.  
  • Information is also collected on our website and mobile app by analytics tools.

How We Use Your Information:

  • To provide you with the products and services you have purchased, or the programs or contests you have requested to be a part of.
  • To communicate with you about your transactions, account, memberships, or other interactions you have had with us, to request feedback from you, to notify you about new features on our website or mobile app, or changes to our policies.
  • To personalize your use of our website or mobile app.
  • To provide targeted marketing communications about offers, promotions, and other items you may find of interest based on your prior transactions and your activity on our website and mobile application.
  • Collected information is analyzed to better understand our customer base and their habits and preferences so that we may improve our platforms, operations, product offerings, and services.  
  • Information is used to prevent, detect, and investigate activities that violate our policies or violate the law.

Who We Share Your Information With:
Starlight Cinemas does not share your personal information with any third parties except in the following limited circumstances:

  • When third parties are providing services to us, or on our behalf.  These third party service providers are prohibited from using your personal information for any purpose other than the services we have hired them to provide, unless otherwise required by law.
  • When sharing of personal information is necessary in conjunction with the enforcement of our Terms and Conditions, to protect the safety and security of our facilities, patrons, employees, or third parties, to protect our rights and property, or the rights and property of our patrons, employees, or third parties, to comply with legal process, or in any other case where we have determined in good faith that disclosure is required by law.

Starlight Cinemas does share some aggregated data with some of our industry partners, such as film distributors, film producers, etc.  Aggregated data is information about groups of our guests that cannot be used to identify particular individuals. At times, some of these partners sponsor marketing campaigns that are delivered through our Starlight Rewards program.  However, these campaigns are executed by our service providers, and at no time do the sponsors of these campaigns have access to any personal information held by Starlight Cinemas.

Cookie Use on Our Website:

Starlight Cinemas utilizes “cookies” on our website.  Cookies are small text files that your browser stores that are used to save your website preferences, for analytics, for tracking, and for a variety of other purposes.   Some cookies we have installed on our site as they are necessary for the proper functioning of the website. Other cookies are placed by scripts that are utilized on the site to provide content from other sites (such as movie trailers hosted on YouTube) or as part of our analytics tracking through Google.   Most web browsers can provide you with a list of cookies utilized on our site, and provide you with the ability to block the ones you do not want utilized.

Transaction Tracking on the Starlight Cinemas App:

When you install the Starlight Cinemas App a randomized token is created by the app in our system that links the specific installation of the app with any transactions you make on the app while not logged in to Starlight Rewards.  This token is necessary for the app to be able to locate your online ticket purchases so you can collect your physical tickets at the Cinema. This token is specific to the application install on your mobile device. Deleting the application will break this link, and reinstalling the application later will create a different token.  Looking up the token created by the app, or changing to a different token is not possible.

If you are a Starlight Rewards member and are logged into the app when you make your purchase, those transactions are linked to your Starlight Rewards account.

Your Options and Privacy Controls:

Members of Starlight Rewards may update the personal information that is associated with their Starlight Rewards account on our website at or in person at the box office of any Starlight Cinemas location.  From this same page, Starlight Rewards members may opt out of marketing emails, or may also unsubscribe by clicking the link at the bottom of any marketing communication we send.  Individuals who are not members of Starlight Rewards are not sent marketing related emails.

Anyone may request that we provide them additional information on what data we have about them, how we utilize that data, or request that we delete that data by visiting  You may also contact us by telephone at (800) 791-2843 ext. 719, or by mailing us at: Starlight Cinemas, ATTN: Privacy Administrator, 2710 Lakeshore Dr, Corona, CA 92883.  Please note that a request for deletion does not guarantee that all data will be deleted, as there are many types of data that we are either not required to delete or the law does not permit us to delete.

Data Retention and Security:

Starlight Cinemas has implemented administrative, technical, and physical security measures to safeguard your data.  While we constantly evaluate our procedures and implement new controls to address potential threats, no security measures are impenetrable.  Personal information held by Starlight Cinemas is purged once it is no longer needed by Starlight Cinemas or our service providers for the purposes for which it was collected.

Children’s Privacy:

Starlight Cinemas does not knowingly collect personal information from children under the age of 16.  Membership in Starlight Rewards is limited to those aged 16 or above.

Changes to This Policy:

Periodically, we may make changes to this privacy policy.  Changes will be communicated on our privacy policy webpage at  In the case of material changes, notice will also be provided to Starlight Rewards members who have not opted out of email communications from us.

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